Principle Power receives DOE grant for wave-energy technology

The U.S. Department of Energy awarded a $750,000 grant to Principle Power Inc. to support the development of an advanced water power technology.

Although the scope of the work has not yet been determined, the money will be used for the design, validation and levelized cost analysis of a floating support structure for wave and wind energy take-off mechanisms. Project partners include the U.S. National Renewable Energy Lab and Marine Innovation and Technology.

The funds will be used to modify a WindFloat, a support structure for offshore wind turbines, to accommodate wave-energy generation. The patent-pending WindFloat is owned by Principle Power and was conceived by Marine Innovation and Technology.

Converting the WindFloat into a wave-energy converter would boost generation and reduce infrastructure costs, said Alla Weinstein, chief executive officer of Principle Power.

“We have the opportunity to explore the combination of two intermittent energy sources in the hopes of creating an offshore renewable energy generation structure which meets the current and future needs of coastal load centers,” Weinstein said.

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