Reclamation awards $5.6 million contract to repair 8.1-MW Marys Lake Powerplant

The Bureau of Reclamation has awarded a $5,529,966 contract to American Hydro for repair work and updates at its 8.1-MW Marys Lake Powerplant, near Estes Park in Colorado.

The work consists of a unit runner replacement and turbine overhaul. Overhauling the unit will help avoid potential failures in the future and will improve unit reliability and efficiency, reduce annual O&M cost, and reduce the frequency and duration of unscheduled outages. Installing ultrasonic flow meter equipment in the penstock will allow for better tracking of unit performance, as well as water delivery, Reclamation said.

“These are needed repairs for a major component of the Colorado Big-Thompson Project,” said Eastern Colorado Area Manager Jeff Rieker. “This work is critical to ensuring Marys Lake Powerplant and the Colorado Big-Thompson Project continues operating safely and effectively into the future.”

Marys Lake Powerplant, on average, generates more than 30 GWh of electricity each year.

The work is scheduled to be completed in late 2023.

The Colorado-Big Thompson Project is one of the largest and most complex natural resource developments undertaken by Reclamation. It consists of over 100 structures integrated into a transmountain water diversion system through which multiple benefits are provided to the people. The project spreads over about 250 miles in Colorado. It stores, regulates and diverts water from the Colorado River on the western slope of the Continental Divide to the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains. It provides supplemental water for irrigation of about 720,000 acres of land, municipal and industrial use, hydroelectric power, and water-oriented recreation opportunities.

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