Rehabilitation and Repair

U.S. to refurbish cranes at 100-MW Detroit, 18-MW Big Cliff

The Corps of Engineers seeks proposals by June 6 to rehabilitate powerhouse cranes at the U.S. government's 100-MW Detroit and 18-MW Big Cliff dams, on the North Fork of the Santiam River, near Mill City, Ore.

VA Tech Hydro to refurbish three Bulgarian plants

VA Tech Hydro signed a contract April 25 with Bulgaria's National Electricity Transmission Co. (NETC) for refurbishment of three hydropower projects in the Dolna Arda Cascade.

Refurbishment begins at DRC’s giant Inga project

Work began April 27 to refurbish the 1,774-MW Inga hydroelectric complex at a site in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where the Congo River drops 100 meters, giving it the potential to produce at least 50,000 MW.

CEGELEC to refurbish exciter at U.K.’s 360-MW Ffestiniog

Project owner First Hydro Co. has awarded a contract to CEGELEC of Rugby, England, to refurbish the DC excitation system of a generator at the 360-MW Ffestiniog pumped-storage project in Wales.

BC Hydro names Alstom to upgrade 2,730-MW G.M. Shrum

BC Hydro has awarded a C$24.5 million (US$21.3 million) contract to Alstom to upgrade two generators at the utility's ten-unit, 2,730-MW G.M. Shrum hydroelectric plant, on the Peace River near Revelstoke, British Columbia.

Italian firm to refurbish 65-MW Ponte Gardena

Italian utility Edison S.p.A. has awarded a contract to PAC S.p.A. of Italy to perform overhaul and refurbishment work at the 65-MW Ponte Gardena hydroelectric project.

Pre-qualification invited to refurbish Cameroon’s 263-MW Edea

Cameroon utility AES SONEL invites applications for pre-qualification to refurbish the 263-MW Edea hydroelectric project on Cameroon's Sanaga River. Responses are due, on the Internet, before February 28.