Research estimates micro-hydropower potential in water networks across part of the EU

The total annual potential for micro-hydropower in water networks across six EU countries is estimated to be 482.3 GWh to 821.6 GWh, according to recently published research.

According to a press release from Easy Hydro (whose team participated in this research), the study focused on quantifying the available energy recovery in water networks — including drinking water, wastewater and irrigation — across several EU countries as part of the REDAWN project. The countries studied were Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Spain and Portugal.

The total energy recovery potential listed above which would decrease the energy consumption of the water networks between 1.7% and 13%. This would significantly reduce the CO2 emissions associated with the water industry and actively contribute to net energy efficiency gains.

The total annual MHP potential of 482.3 GWh to 821.6 GWh was divided as follows: Ireland 15.5—32.2 GWh, Scotland 17.8—139.7 GWh, Northern Ireland 5.9—8.2 GWh, Wales 10.2—8.1 GWh, Spain 375.3—539.9 GWh, and Portugal 57.6—93.5 GWh. By industry sector the numbers were: drinking water 43—67%, irrigation 30-51%, and wastewater 3-6%.

Click here for the complete results and more detailed information.

Easy Hydro said these results will foster the adoption of micro-hydropower solutions to counteract the effects of climate change and advance the EU targets regarding decarbonizing the economy.

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