Scottish &Southern includes hydro, ocean energy in CO2 reduction plans

Scottish &Southern Energy (SSE) said October 1 it will include hydro, tidal, and wave development among 600 million pounds (US$1.2 billion) in investments to reduce its carbon emissions.

The utility announced its investment program as modified by its adoption of a target over ten years to reduce by 20 percent its carbon dioxide emissions per kWh of electricity produced.

Included in its mix of investments are completion of its 100-MW Glendoe hydropower project, potential development of additional large hydro in the Scottish Highlands, formation of a tidal and wave energy venture, and support of carbon-reducing hydro project refurbishments in Brazil. Also in the mix are wind power, efficient coal- and gas-fired power, and carbon capture initiatives.

Chief Executive Ian Marchant said SSE’s plans to build Glendoe on the shores of Loch Ness are well on schedule. It is Britain’s first big hydro scheme in 40 years. (HNN 5/1/07)

“I think the tunneling machine will appear and break ground in December, and they’re saying June for shutting the valve and the reservoir starting to fill,” he said.

Glendoe requires investment of more than 140 million pounds (US$284 million) and is to be complete in early 2009. Marchant said SSE also is looking at a new pumped-storage project.

SSE reiterated its belief there might be potential to develop other large hydro schemes in the Highlands. In May, the utility said three large projects are possible, but would only win consents if government planning and policy are more attuned to maximize production of energy from renewables.

SSE also announced a merger agreement between SSE’s Renewable Technology Ventures Ltd. and Scotland’s Aquamarine Power Ltd. Marchant said the venture will lead to the launch of a wave power device by next summer and a tidal power device by mid-2009. Britain could be generating 15 to 20 percent of its power from wave and tidal energy within 20 to 30 years, he added.

The joint venture, to keep the name Aquamarine, is to receive an initial investment from 50 percent owner SSE of 6.3 million pounds (US$12.8 million). It initially is to focus on delivering Renewable Technology’s Neptune tidal power device and Aquamarine’s Oyster wave power device for comprehensive testing at the European Marine Energy Center at Orkney, Scotland. (HNN 10/1/07)

SSE said it also is entering into an agreement to support refurbishment of hydroelectric projects in Brazil by purchasing about 160,000 carbon emissions reduction certificates over six years.

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