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Work under way at four projects in Czech Republic

Three companies are working to develop small hydro projects on the Elbe River in the Czech Republic, and a fourth company is rebuilding its project.

First, developer RenoEnergie a.s. has awarded a contract to Mavel a.s. to equip the 4.2 MW Roudnice project on the Elbe River. Roudnice is to have a 2.2 meter head and flows of 225 m3/sec. The contract is valued at CZK158.9 million (US$9.6 million) and is to require 19 months to complete.

Second, developer Energeia o.p.s. has awarded a contract worth more than US$50 million to Czech Republic-based Metrostav a.s. for construction of the 5.2 MW Steti project. Steti, on the Elbe River, is to include two tubular Kaplan turbines of 5.1 meters in diameter.

The contract with Metrostav is valued at CZK859.8 million ($50.4 million). It involves construction work, engineering design services, architectural, engineering and surveying services.

Third, developer Mercator Energy a.s. is working to build the 4.59 MW Libechov project on the lower Elbe. Mercator took bids in July to equip Libechov, which it is developing at an existing weir. The project is to feature a single Kaplan turbine-generator.

The 5.2 MW Steti project is being built on the Elbe River by Energeia o.p.s. The powerhouse will contain two tubular Kaplan turbines.

The company is seeking complete fabrication of the power plant, phase 1, on the right bank of the weir at Dolni Berkovice. The work has an estimated value of CZK190 million ($10.6 million). It is to be completed in May 2013.

Rebuilding 1.12 MW Tri Chaloupky

Czech trading and electricity company Predax Finance s.r.o. plans to reconstruct the turbine of the 1.12 MW Tri Chaloupky project on the Elbe River. Tri Chaloupky, which was built in 1948, features a single vertical Kaplan turbine.

Predax will hire a company to dismantle the turbine, manufacture a new runner, and repair or replace turbine parts. A new generator is to be purchased in a separate solicitation. Valued at CZK38 million ($2.25 million), the turbine work is to be performed between June and December 2012.

Contract awarded for 6.16 MW Ributino in Italy

Italian utility Azienda Specializzata Settore Multiservizi SpA (ASSM) has awarded a contract to Voith Hydro SpA to supply replacement turbine-generators for the 6.16 MW Ributino project.

ASSM – a municipal utility providing electricity, natural gas and water service – took bids in January for supply and installation of Kaplan turbine-generator groups with all accessories.

The two-unit Ributino plant was built in 1964. The contract awarded to Voith’s Italian subsidiary is valued at €3.9 million (US$5.48 million) for replacement of both generating units. The work is to require 111 days.

Nicaragua to build five projects

Nicaragua’s Ministerio de Energia y Minas plans to build and equip five small projects in Region Autonoma del Atlantico Sur and Jinotega Department.

With funding from Norway and Switzerland via the United Nations Development Program, Nicaragua plans to develop small-scale hydropower in areas outside the national power grid.

The ministry is now seeking companies to build civil works and supply and install electromechanical equipment for four projects – 15 kW Las Iguanas and 18 kW San Geronimo in El Rama and 17 kW Daniel Guido and 8 kW San Jose de Punta Gorda in Nueva Guinea.

In addition, the ministry seeks to build the 1.548 MW Wiwili project in Jinotega Department. The ministry seeks companies to build civil works and supply pipe for the small hydro project in the town of Wiwili, 270 km from Managua. Work includes access roads, river diversion, dam, spillway, bottom discharge, intake, low-pressure pipe and penstock, surge tank, powerhouse, discharge channel, and electromechanical works in the dam and water intake.

Small hydro training course planned in India

The Alternate Hydro Energy Centre of the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee is planning a training course related to small hydropower.

During the “Small Hydropower Development” course, participants will receive the latest information on global small hydro development, including civil engineering, technology, policy and other topics, the centre says.

There is no fee for the course, which is planned for Jan.31-Feb. 11, 2012. For details or to register, visit


SC Hidro Este SRL is seeking companies to supply turbines, generators, and construction equipment for micro-hydro projects. The estimated RON27.7 million (US$9.2 million) contract calls for delivery over 42 months to Malaia commune in Valcea County, Romania. … Petroleum Corp. of Jamaica plans to perform pre-feasibility and feasibility studies of five small hydro projects. The sites are: Rio Cobre, Mahogany Vale, and Morgan’s, Negro and Martha Brae rivers. For more on these projects, visit

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