Tidal Energy plans 1-MW Ramsey Sound tidal project in Wales

Wales-based Tidal Energy Ltd. announced it plans to launch a 1-MW prototype tidal stream power project in Ramsey Sound of the Pembrokeshire coastline in the United Kingdom’s West Wales.

Tidal Energy plans a single DeltaStream device with nominal installed capacity of 1 MW deployed for 12 months. The project is to include a subsea cable, an onshore control room and substation, and electrical infrastructure to connect with the local distribution network.

Tidal Energy said it is a privately financed company located in Cardiff, the Welsh capital. It has secured support of Eco2 Ltd., a developer of renewable energy resources, and investment and support from Carbon Connections UK Ltd., which supports projects designed to reduce carbon emissions.

The developer said it considers a 12-month period sufficient testing time to commercialize the DeltaStream technology. It said the DeltaStream concept was first conceived in 2001 with the support of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

A 1-MW DeltaStream unit includes three horizontal-axis turbines on a single 30-meter-wide triangular frame. The triangular frame is to provide a low center of gravity that allows the unit to sit on the seabed with no positive anchoring or seabed drilling. The base technology previously was developed by Tidal Hydraulic Generators Ltd.

Tidal Energy said its patented blade design enables the turbine automatically to shed excess power, avoiding damage to the turbine from excessive peaks in tidal flow and permitting consistently high energy conversion. The rotors rotate more slowly than other tidal stream devices allowing marine animals to avoid them.

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