U.S. awards gate refurbishment at 120-MW Parker Dam

The Bureau of Reclamation has awarded a $679,000 contract to Blastco Inc. of Houston, Texas, to perform maintenance on four penstock gates and associated components at the 120-MW Parker Dam power plant.

The gates, which control the flow of the Colorado River to the generators, weigh 50 tons each and measure about 26 feet by 38 feet. They were installed in 1941 as part of the dam’s construction. Other than minor repairs, the gates have not been thoroughly refurbished since 1967, BuRec said.

BuRec said Sept. 26 that the gates will be dismantled, refurbished, painted, and reinstalled individually. Work is to begin in November and will take about eight months to complete.

Additional work, involving 12 draft tube bulkhead gates mentioned in a pre-solicitation notice, was deleted from the final solicitation, BuRec said. (HNN 7/11/06)

Parker Dam forms Lake Havasu on the California-Arizona border. It is one of two powerhouses in the 371.25-MW Parker-Davis project. The Parker Dam power plant generates nearly 400 gigawatt-hours a year distributed in southern California and southern Arizona.

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