Vattenfall and Pelamis announce joint venture in marine energy development

Vattenfall has announced plans for a joint venture with Pelamis Wave Power to develop a marine energy farm near the Shetland Islands in the eastern Atlantic .

Swedish energy company Vattenfall has teamed up with Pelamis Wave Power of Scotland to form the firm Aegir Wave Power Ltd.

Aegir Wave Power’s project could achieve an installed capacity of up to 20 MW by 2014, and it can be expected to surpass that capacity, Vattenfall said.

A capacity of 20 MW could provide electricity to about 9,000 households for a year, but great potential exists to expand the projects capacity, according to Vattenfall.

“The wave power plant on the Shetland Islands is one part of Vattenfall’s objective to produce pure electricity that does not burden our climate or our environment,” said Ulf Tisell, manager of the Vattenfall Ocean Energy Program. “The ocean west of Shetland has very close to ideal conditions that will enable us to extract energy from the waves effectively.”

Pelamis’ technology consists of 150-to-180-meter long floating tubes that move with wave motion. Generators positioned along the tubes then convert movement into energy.

Neels Kriek, the new Pelamis Wave Power Chief Executive said: “We are delighted to be working with Vattenfall on this ground breaking project which we hope will be one of many for our Scottish-built P-2 Pelamis machine.”

The Shetland project could include a couple dozen or more Pelamis P-2 wave devices, Scottish media reported.

Aegir is working toward installing a first phase, multi-machine array. Vattenfall’s ambition is for wave power projects to grow to the scale of offshore wind projects, with the Aegir project becoming a stepping stone to that ambition. 

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