Wave energy projects get the go-ahead in Scotland

Several Scottish wave energy projects, including a 30-MW development from Aquamarine Power north of the Isle of Lewis, have been given the go-ahead, project developers announced.

Aquamarine Power announced it has secured leases from the Crown Estate to deploy 30 MW of its Oyster wave energy converters off North West Lewis and a separate 10-MW demonstration lease for an area between Siadar and Fivepenny, known as the Galson site.

Vattenfall and Pelamis also confirmed that they have been awarded a lease agreement to take forward the 10-MW Aeigir wave farm off the coast of Shetland.

The two Aquamarine Power developments could see up to 40 Oyster near-shore devices installed along 2 km of coast, which would be capable of generating power for up to 38,000 homes.

Aquamarine Power will now compete with Pelamis Wave Power and Scottish Power Renewables for the Scottish Government’s Saltire Prize, which will reward a commercially-viable marine energy device that can generate at least 100 GWh over a two-year period.

The three projects will now need to secure planning consent before proceeding.

Scotland now has 17 wave and tidal projects leased for development in its waters, not including the test facilities at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney.

Recently, EMEC and the Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy announced they are combining their research efforts to help advance the worldwide marine renewable energy industry.

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