Rusumo Falls is an 80 MW hydropower plant being developed with financial support from a number of multi-national lenders, including the EU-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund, African Development Fund, Nigeria Trust Fund and African Development Bank Group, amongst others. The project is to be located at Rusumo Falls on the border of Rwanda and Tanzania, with transmission lines interconnecting those countries and Burundi.

Owner: Rusumo Power Co. Ltd.
Location: Rusumo Falls, Tanzania
River System: Kagera River
Capacity: 80 MW
Generating Units: Three
Dam Type: Concrete
Construction Start Date: January 2017
Operational Date: Late 2018
Project Status: Under construction

Companies Under Contract:
Andritz Hydro 
– Electrical and mechanical equipment
China Geo-Engineering Corp – Construction
Jianxi Water & Hydro Construction Ltd. – Construction

Africa Globe

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Developer awards civil works, equipment contracts for Africa’s 80-MW Rusumo Falls hydroelectric plant

Rusumo Power Co. Ltd. has awarded a pair of contracts worth about US$75 million for the construction and supply of electro-mechanical components for the 80-MW Rusumo Falls hydropower plant in Africa.

Aid group to seek turbine-generator for Tanzania’s 1.7-MW Lugarawa hydro project

Italian aid group Fondazione ACRA-CCS plans to seek bids to supply a turbine-generator and other equipment for a 1.7-MW hydroelectric project to be built at Lugarawa, Tanzania.

Nile Lakes states pre-qualify firms to build, equip 80-MW Rusumo Falls hydro project

Nile Equatorial Lakes states invite applications for pre-qualification to carry out civil works, hydro-mechanical and electro-mechanical equipment, a transmission line and switchyard of the proposed 80-MW Rusumo Falls hydroelectric project on the Kagera River.

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