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Africa and locally produced hydroelectric power

One inescapable measure of investment, is return on investment (ROI). The type of ROI depends on the type of investment. Measuring or viewing ROI from the point at which newly built and commissioned hydroelectric facilities begin generating power requires several lenses.  

The Grab Bag Rides Again… Again.

Hydro Group editor Michael Harris highlights recent hydropower news in this week's edition of Hydro Talk.

Old vs new: Pumped storage

One of the more active areas of hydropower development right now is pumped storage. Particularly in regions where renewables like wind and solar are making a significant contribution to national power grids, the advantages of energy storage on a massive scale - sustained, sustainable and usable - cannot be over stated. This has been engendered by the push towards forms of renewable energy that are notorious for variable and largely unpredictable output.

Haunted Hydro: I love this!

Halloween is my second favorite holiday of the year, and it gets even more fun as my kids get older (and less prone to nightmares after they see something scary). So imagine my delight when I ran across: Haunted Hydro.

Dirty Thirties Okies see another drought effect in California

I live in Oklahoma, and if one harkens back to the Dust Bowl days, it is easy to see correlations from then to what is happening now in California.  

Support fund established for injured Priest Rapids workers

I'm going to level with you right now.

Weather watching

GCube, the renewable energy sector insurance underwriter, has launched a new Weather Risk Transfer mechanism to provide renewable energy project owners with a means to mitigate the financial impact of resource volatility. In this case the product covers wind and rain – or perhaps more accurately, a lack thereof.

The nefarious plot you (maybe) never heard about

I am not a history buff, so maybe all of you have already heard about what I’m going to talk about. But I hadn’t, so… Here it is.

Science fiction enthusiast thinks “astro-hydroelectric” generation could power settlers

Oh baby! Envision 400 years in the future in which there is peaceful co-existence on Earth between humans and sentient mechanical life forms.  

The Grab Bag Rides Again

When I was sports editor for the college newspaper, I wrote a column that was, I'm sure now a decade removed, far less clever than I thought it was at the time. But since I am 1) pressed for time and 2) devoid of original thought at the moment, I present to you, dear reader, a special reprisal of the Michael Harris Daily Weekly Monthly Occasional Grab Bag of Sports Hydropower Stuff.