HYDROVISION International

Here’s your chance to watch several video interviews with hydro industry influencers

A video studio set up in the exhibit hall at HydroVision International 2019 provided us with a great opportunity to interview many influential and inspirational members of the hydroelectric industry who attended this event.

Video insights from HydroVision International: David Murray with Hydro-Quebec

David Murray, chief operating officer of Hydro-Quebec and president of Hydro-Quebec Production, was a keynote speaker at HydroVision International 2019, where he gave an engaging presentation on environmental challenges and the role of hydropower in keeping our electricity green and low-cost.

Video highlight: How industry associations are advancing and supporting hydropower

During the opening keynote session at HydroVision International 2019, two videos were shown that provided answers to four important questions, around how hydro associations worldwide are working to advance and support the industry.