Nile Lakes states to seek construction of 61.5-MW Rusumo Falls

Nile Equatorial Lakes states Burundi, Rwanda, and Tanzania plan to seek bids for construction of the 61.5-MW Rusumo Falls hydroelectric project and a transmission system to connect the Kagera River project site with the three countries.

Feasibility studies for the project already are under way as part of the Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action Program (NELSAP) of the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI). (HNN 11/7/08) NBI hired Norconsult and SWECO of Norway and Sweden to design the project at a cost of US$8.2 million.

The three governments plan to develop the generating facilities through a public-private partnership consisting of a long-term contract with a private sector partner for construction and operation of the hydro plant at Rusumo Falls on the Kagera, which forms the border between Rwanda and Tanzania. Public financing is to be used for the transmission lines.

Generating facilities are to include a 150-meter-long, 14.3-meter-tall concrete gravity dam; an integral radial-gated spillway; a 460-meter-long, 9-meter-diameter headrace tunnel; a surge chamber; and surface powerhouse containing three vertical Kaplan turbine-generators. Three 220-kilovolt transmission lines will be built from a substation at the project, extending 115 kilometers into Rwanda, 158 kilometers into Burundi, and 95 kilometers into Tanzania.

NELSAP plans to conduct a presentation on the project to which registered parties will be invited. Prospective developers, financiers, contractors, suppliers, and consultants are invited to register and receive additional information from the address below.

For information, contact Project Manager Deogratias Mbesherubusa, Regional Rusumo Falls Project (RRFP), Nile Basin Initiative – NELSAP Coordination Unit, P.O. Box 6759, Kigali, Rwanda; (250) 830-5195; Fax: (250) 580-100; E-mail:

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