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Hydro Review covers the worldwide hydroelectric power community. The website provides a one-stop shop for easy-to-access, continually updated, comprehensive, and completely searchable hydro-related news and information. We welcome submissions of press releases and/or articles that provide practical, useful information, helpful examples, and constructive guidance from experts.

To determine our interest in your article idea, please submit an article proposal — an abstract and/or outline — for our review and comment. We prefer for most articles to be about 2,500 words. We also like for articles to include, as appropriate, photographs, tables, charts, graphs or figures. High-resolution photographs may be submitted in TIF, JPEG, and EPS file formats.

Articles written in English can be submitted as Microsoft Word documents. Do not embed photos or tables in text; please send them as separate files.

If your article is technical or deals with material unfamiliar to our editors, we may seek to have it reviewed by industry experts. (This is similar to the “peer review” process used by many technical and scientific journals.) After this review is complete (or if the review is not required), we will edit the article to conform to our publication standards. At this stage, we will usually contact you to resolve any questions that we have. If we substantially alter what you have submitted, we will request that you review the edited article prior to publication.

Typically, from the time you submit your manuscript it will be several months before the article is published, although this time varies significantly.

For additional information or to submit content, contact:
Elizabeth Ingram
Content Director
+1 918-831-9175

We look forward to your hydro submissions!