March 10, 2020
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Clarion Energy News

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Philippines’ NIA signs MOUs to develop small hydroelectric projects, plus solar

Energy industry reaction as EU unveils Climate Law

Several utilities with hydro named to World’s Most Ethical Companies list for 2020

ANEEL adds five hydroelectric projects to those approved in most recent auction

Check out the program for NHA’s 2020 Waterpower Week in Washington

EGSA, ESA bringing strong on-site power, energy storage ties to POWERGEN 2020

More Market Trends

Ice Harbor fish-friendly turbine achieves >98% fish passage survival rate

Green bonds to finance the global energy transition, IRENA says

Thrasher joins Hydro Consulting & Maintenance Services, Zayas now SVP of Eagle Creek

Interview: “I am very optimistic about a combination of intermittent wind and solar with hydropower providing the baseline and storage”