EU to seek climate change, impact studies for Pakistan’s 740-MW Munda

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan 2/23/12 (PennWell) — The European Union plans to seek bids from firms to perform a climate change adaptation study and an impact assessment study of the proposed 740-MW Munda Dam, to be built on Pakistan’s Swat River.

The EU, which is providing assistance to Pakistan for the project, gave notice that it expects to issue a solicitation for the work in March.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Water and Power assigned the Munda Dam project to Pakistan’s Water and Power Development Authority in 2010 for detailed engineering design and construction. It was decided in 2007 that Munda would be a multi-purpose project, to supply water for irrigation, to mitigate flooding, and to generate power.

The proposed climate change adaptation study is to assess the potential effect of climate change on the project and what adaptation measures should be implemented in areas of flooding, water resource management, and sedimentation. The impact assessment study is to examine negative effects on biodiversity and resettled people; positive effects on local population, irrigation, and power generation; and avoided negative effects due to flood protection.

The work is expected to cost a maximum of 1.2 million euros (US$1.59 million).

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