FERC certifies 28.8-MW London/Marmet for production tax credits

Correcting an earlier order, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has certified incremental generation at a hydro plant in West Virginia to be eligible for renewable energy production tax credits.

FERC issued a correction notice Oct. 3, certifying incremental generation at the Marmet development in Appalachian Power Co.’s two-powerhouse 28.8-MW London/Marmet project (No. 1175) for the production tax credits.

FERC’s original order, issued Sept. 11 to Kanawha Valley Power Co., certified incremental generation at a project it called Marmet for production tax credits. (HNN 9/18/08) However, FERC’s latest notice said it had approved transfer of the project license from Kanawha Valley Power to Appalachian Power in 1994.

Appalachian Power sought the certification of efficiency improvements gained by installing a new trash rake system at Marmet, on the Kanawha River in Kanawha County, W.Va. FERC certified a historical generation baseline of 61,848,000 kWh and generation with improvements of 66,796,000 kWh. Generation from improvements, 4,948,000 kWh, represents an 8 percent increase in generation.

London/Marmet joins more than a dozen other projects for which FERC has certified incremental generation, as provided for by the Energy Policy Act of 2005. The act stipulates that FERC is responsible for certifying incremental hydropower generation for renewable energy production tax credits. The Internal Revenue Service determines eligibility and whether to grant the credits.

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