FERC certifies 29.08-MW Piney for production tax credit

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission certified efficiency improvements for the 29.08-MW Piney project on June 2, making the resulting additional capacity eligible for a renewable energy production tax credit.

Licensee Brookfield Power Piney &Deep Creek LLC filed the application with FERC pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code, as amended by the Energy Policy Act of 2005. It is the second such approval by FERC, which previously certified incremental generation at PacifiCorp’s 161.338-MW Klamath project (No. 2082), making it eligible for the tax credit.

Based on information provided by Brookfield, FERC certified: a historical generation baseline for Piney (No. 309) of 69,132,000 kWh; increased generation of 73,561,000 kWh with the improvements; and incremental generation of 4,429,000 kWh. That represents a percentage increase of 6.41 in generation attributed to the improvements that Brookfield plans to place in service this year at the project on Pennsylvania’s Clarion River.

The Energy Policy Act amended the Internal Revenue Code to allow renewable energy tax credits for qualified hydro production. FERC is responsible for certifying baseline production information and the gain in generation derived from project improvements or additions.

Qualified hydro includes incremental production attributed to gains from efficiency improvements or capacity additions placed into service after Aug. 8, 2005, and before Jan. 1, 2008, at any hydroelectric project placed in service on or before Aug. 8, 2005.

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