FERC corrects agencies’ annual charges bills

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission notified licensees it is revising other federal agencies’ assessments for fiscal years 2002-2004 for their participation in the hydropower licensing process.

FERC said it is making changes to administrative annual charges bills to correct errors resulting from incorrect generation or exemption figures.

FERC sent letters to licensees Sept. 28, saying it is correcting annual charges bills to address errors that resulted in bills including an improper �carry forward� credit or debit balance. To address the error, FERC recalculated the amount due to licensees as a result of overpayment.

In cases of overpayment, FERC said licensees would receive an immediate refund after they e-mail a completed form to annualcharges@ferc.gov. The form is available from the Hydropower Annual Charges section of FERC’s Internet site, www.ferc.gov/industries/hydropower/annual-charges.asp.

Licensees with an outstanding balance due can ask the commission to apply the amount to the outstanding balance, by making a request to the same e-mail address, FERC said. However, in cases where additional amounts are due as a result of the revision, FERC said its letter served as a bill and that payment for the amount due must be made no later than Nov. 13.

FERC explains latest annual charges increase

In separate action, FERC issued a notice Oct. 3, explaining a substantial increase in annual charges statements for municipal projects, those owned by public entities.

The three-page notice said FERC experienced a shift in the percentage of its staff time, with more time being spent on municipal projects, and less on privately owned projects. It also explained its process for adjusting its estimated annual charges based on actual costs.

The notice can be obtained from FERC’s Internet site, www.ferc.gov, in the elibrary under Docket No. AD07-1-000.

A group of licensees filed an appeal with FERC in September, challenging other agencies’ costs in FERC’s 2006 annual charges bills. (HNN 9/26/06) They cited problems with their bills, and argued generation totals used to allocate fiscal 2003 assessments among non-municipal projects were not based on actual generation amounts.

Twice this year, the commission determined that other federal agencies failed to clearly document their costs for participating in the hydro licensing process.

In September, FERC cut $9.8 million — 60 percent — from a total of $16.2 million in reimbursement sought from hydropower licensees for fiscal year 2005. In June, FERC declared the agencies failed to clearly document 86 percent of their costs, prompting it to reduce annual charges billings by $96 million for FERC proceedings in fiscal years 1998-2004. (HNN 7/25/06)


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