FERC invites license applications for 20-MW Boulder Canyon

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission invites license applications from potential operators other than the existing licensee for the 20-MW Boulder Canyon hydroelectric project in Colorado.

FERC issued a solicitation Sept. 13, noting the licensee, the city of Boulder, Colo., filed a notice of intent in August 2004 to file an application for a small conduit exemption for a reconfigured project (No. 1005). However, the city never filed an application for either a relicense or an exemption for the project, located on Boulder Creek in Boulder County. The city’s existing license expires Aug. 31, 2009.

The Boulder Canyon project occupies 36 acres of Forest Service lands within Roosevelt National Forest. It includes a 175-foot-tall, 720-foot-long concrete gravity dam, three small earthen embankment dams ranging from five to 20 feet in height, and a powerhouse containing two generating units.

FERC said it became necessary to solicit license applications because the deadline for filing for a relicense or exemption, and any competing applications, was Aug. 31. No applications were filed by that date.

Potential applicants that file a notice of intent within 90 days of Sept. 13 can apply for a license under the Federal Power Act. Those applicants must file their applications within 18 months of the date on which they file their notice of intent.

FERC said more project information is available from the Director of Public Water Works for Utilities, City of Boulder, P.O. Box 791, Boulder, CO 80306-0791; (1) 303-441-3266. Questions about FERC’s solicitation notice can be directed to Gaylord Hoisington at the commission, (1) 202-502-6032; E-mail: gaylord.hoisington@ferc.gov.


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