FERC reports modest hydropower activity in January

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission released its Energy Infrastructure Update for January 2011, reporting only modest hydropower activity for the month in terms of capacity additions.

FERC’s Office of Energy Projects reported it issued three conventional hydropower authorizations during the month. Two were for installed capacity amendments totaling 6.05 MW, while one was for a conduit exemption of 200 kW. It also received conventional hydropower applications, one for a capacity amendment of 2.55 MW and one for a conduit exemption of 75 kW.

Citing figures from Ventyx Global LLC, the FERC update also said four new or expansion hydropower units went into service in January totaling 600 kW.

Previously used as an in-house tool, the monthly update now is being made public, with the first report, for December 2010, released in January. The report allows the public to track the activities of the Office of Energy Projects in the areas of hydropower, natural gas, electric generation, and electric transmission.

The Office of Energy Projects’ Energy Infrastructure Update for December 2010 may be obtained from the FERC Internet site under http://www.ferc.gov/legal/staff-reports/02-17-11-energy-infrastructure.pdf.

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