Mavel to supply turbines for new Marseilles hydroelectric project

MARSEILLES, Ill. 3/8/12 (PennWell) — Mavel has been selected to provide four Pit Kaplan turbines for the new Marseilles Hydroelectric Power Plant.

The 10.26-MW facility, owned by the Marseilles Land & Water Company (MLWC), will be located on the Illinois River at a site originally occupied by a paper mill and power plant that ceased operations in the late 1950s.

MLWC obtained a license from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in December 2011. The contract was signed in January.

The hydropower plant will operate at 17 feet of head and utilize an average flow of 9,600 cubic feet per second, according to a release.

In addition to operating facilities, MLWC will also construct a 2-acre wetlands preserve and FERC-mandated recreational facilities.

Commissioning of this plant is expected in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Mavel is also completing work on several South Korean projects and recently won a contract for the Czech Republic’s 4.59-MW Libechov hydropower plant.


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Mavel to supply turbines, related technology for small hydro project in Belarus

Mavel, a.s. signed a contract to provide turbines and related technology for the Grodnenskaya small hydroelectric project in Belarus, the company reported.

The hydro project, located on the Neman River, is 8 kilometers from the city of Grodno and owned by RUP Grodnoenergo. Mavel will supply five double regulated horizontal PIT turbines with runner diameters of three meters — Mavel type KP3000K4. Mavel will also supply generators, hydraulic units, gearboxes and control systems.

The combined expected installed output will be just under 19 megawatts.

Recently, Mavel, a.s. announced the commissioning of the 1.7-MW Dobrzen hydroelectric plant in Poland, for which Mavel provided two turbines.

The Grodnenskaya project will be the first installation of Mavel’s turbines in Belarus.

Financing for the project from the Czech Export Bank was procured and signed earlier this year. This type of financing is available to foreign customers of Czech companies, Mavel reported.

Commissioning is expected in 2011.

Mavel is a Czech Republic-based manufacturing and engineering company focusing on the production of turbines for hydropower plants from 25 KW to more than 25 MW. Over the past fifteen years, the company and its subsidiary CKD TurboTechnics, s.r.o. have installed almost 350 turbines at about 250 sites around the world.

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