ACORE releases report on climate policy options to put renewable energy to work

The American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) has released a new report that examines several of the most notable policy approaches for accelerating the transition to a renewable energy economy and achieving scientifically-based reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The report — Advancing America’s Climate Leadership: Policy Options That Most Effectively Put Renewable Energy to Work — discusses advantages and limitations of each policy option, individually and in combination, and offers design recommendations for policymakers to optimize their implementation.

Policy approaches considered include:

– A federal high-penetration renewable energy standard (RES) or clean energy standard (CES)

– A technology-neutral tax credit for zero- or low-carbon electricity generation

– Carbon pricing

– Complementary measures to modernize our antiquated electric grid

Specific to the federal high-penetration renewable energy standard, ACORE said qualifying technologies should include wind, solar, hydropower, ocean, tidal, hydrokinetic, geothermal energy, and other zero-carbon renewable resources.

“Through a combination of smart, forward-looking policy tools, we can accelerate the deployment of renewable energy and enabling grid technologies and avoid the worst impacts of climate change,” said Gregory Wetstone, ACORE’s president and chief executive officer. “This analysis is designed to help policymakers identify the quickest pathway to America’s clean energy future with the least disruption, at the lowest possible cost.”

Founded in 2001, ACORE unites finance, policy and technology in the U.S. to accelerate the transition to a renewable energy economy.

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