Bids sought to verify turbine model tests for 907-MW Priest Rapids

Grant County Public Utility District seeks bids from independent hydraulic laboratories to verify model tests of competing turbine runners for 907-MW Priest Rapids Dam. Bids are due March 21.

Grant County is preparing for major rehabilitation of vertical-shaft Kaplan units at the Priest Rapids powerhouse, part of the 1,893-MW Priest Rapids project (No. 2114), on the Columbia River in Washington. Rehabilitation could include replacing runners and embedded parts, and modifying or replacing distributors.

The district previously took proposals for design and manufacture of model runners, and for design and drawings of water passageway models to be used in developing and evaluating hydraulic design. (HNN 1/3/07) Grant County plans to select the top two competing proposals in that solicitation for further consideration.

Two competitors selected in response to the earlier solicitation are to design and test model replacement turbines in their own laboratories. Upon completion, both models will be tested in an independent hydraulic laboratory to verify model test results.

The district now seeks an independent hydraulic laboratory to:
o design and manufacture two homologous 1:20 scale models of existing turbine water passageways using drawings provided by the district;
o test existing model configurations and prepare a final report;
o perform the final competitive model test series of both replacement turbine designs; and
o provide consulting services to the district on an as-needed basis during the development and evaluation of the hydraulic design for the replacement of Priest Rapids turbines.

The district anticipates competitive model tests would be performed in the last quarter of 2009 and first quarter of 2010.

Bid documents for solicitation No. 230-2384 are available at the district’s Ebid Internet site, Vendors must register in the electronic vendor system.

Bids are due by 2:30 p.m. March 21. For information, contact Lonnie O’Neal, Senior Contract Officer, Grant County PUD No. 2, 15655 Wanapum Village Lane, S.W., Beverly, WA 99321; (1) 509-754-5035; E-mail:

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