Emerson introduces Ovation Document Builder software suite

Emerson Process Management has introduced the new Ovation Documentation Builder software suite, which is designed to help power utilities meet European documentation standards.

Integrated with the Ovation control system database and configuration tools, Ovation Document Builder provides automatically generated project documentation as well as instrumentation and control documentation, Emerson reported.

Recently, Emerson Process Management installed its PlantWeb digital plant architecture with the Ovation expert control system at Unit 1 of the newly-commissioned Dnister pumped-storage hydropower plant in Ukraine. The plant will be one of the largest pumped-storage hydro projects in the world.

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Press release:

Emerson Process Management introduces the Ovation Documentation Builder, an integrated suite of software products that helps power utilities meet European documentation standards through consistent process engineering, process control and electrical engineering design. Tightly integrated with the Ovation control system database and configuration tools, the Ovation Documentation Builder provides automatically generated project documentation as well as Instrumentation & Control (I&C) documentation, including P&I diagrams.

The Ovation Documentation Builder features an intuitive interface with specific templates and wizards to allow quick and automatic creation of drawings and layouts such as Ovation cabinet drawings, card drawings, electrical connection drawings, marshalling cabinet drawings, cabling reports and loop diagrams.

Control system configurations, created using Ovation’s standard suite of engineering tools, are automatically matched with broader plant design and operational data in the Ovation Documentation Builder. The highly flexible data formats allow customer and plant-specific data for field devices and other equipment to be easily imported, saving time and reducing the likelihood of errors.

Ovation Documentation Builder is completely integrated within the Ovation operator environment and features intelligent navigation for efficient and simple access to the target information or documentation. Within the Ovation environment, all drawings can be viewed in a contextual manner with just a click of the mouse so that an operator can, for example, easily access the loop diagram of a selected tag.

The Revision Management feature of the Ovation Documentation Builder makes all changes within a project traceable and creates clearly arranged reports for management and operational purposes. Through the integration of plant and control system information, documentation is automatically updated. This has always been a challenge because changes are often made by firms that were not involved in the initial construction.

Ovation Documentation Builder improves project planning and consistency and supports all of the main global standards such as IEC, ISO, ISA and DIN. This is particularly useful for companies with projects across several countries.

“With power facilities having a long life expectancy, it is particularly important that documentation is kept up to date,” said Pascal Galant, European Vice-President of the Power & Water Solutions division of Emerson Process Management. “The tight integration within the Ovation control system and its synchronization features will guarantee the quality and consistency of project documentation.”

Emerson’s Ovation expert distributed control system utilizes commercially available, off-the-shelf technology to provide a powerful and secure architecture while allowing power utilities systems to easily progress with rapidly advancing computer technologies. Ovation provides a seamless interface with the most widely adopted bus standards allowing smart device technologies to be incorporated into your process. Ovation’s embedded advanced algorithms and proven industry-specific control routines optimize operations to maximize efficiency, productivity and profitability.

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