Frizell named Engineer of the Year by Reclamation

DENVER, Colo. 2/3/12 (PennWell) — The Bureau of Reclamation recently awarded its Engineer of the Year Award to the Technical Service Center’s Warren Frizell.

Frizell, a research hydraulic engineer in TSC’s Hydraulic Investigations and Laboratory Services Group, has made dramatic contributions to the solution of hydraulic engineering research and design problems affecting Reclamation facilities, according to a release.

During the past three years, he has been involved with the hydraulic analyses and design work related to the new auxiliary spillway and stilling basing at the Folsom Dam Joint Federal Project. Frizell has extended the life of the facility by analyzing the potential for cavitation and developing a supercavitating baffle block to minimize the potential for future damage.

Frizell’s work has also improved the safety and reliability of other Reclamation hydraulic sites, and he’s developed a new method of predicting uplift pressures and flow through joints in high-velocity flow surfaces. 

A paper Frizell wrote concerning Reclamation’s spillway failure modes is available here.

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