Shell: Newly-revamped grease range designed for extreme conditions and large equipment, including hydropower equipment

Shell Lubricants has launched a newly-revamped range of Shell Gadus greases. The range is designed to meet the challenges of extreme conditions and the largest equipment, including hydropower equipment, Shell reported.

From press release:

Shell’s hydroelectric power customers include Hydro Tasmania in Australia, with one of the world’s largest hydro schemes by number of dams and power stations — 30 hydropower stations in total, across six high-rainfall water catchments formed from natural and man-made waterways in Tasmania. The scheme generates over 80 percent of Tasmania’s electricity needs and provides peak load electricity to the Australian mainland via a sub-sea transmission line. At the power stations, the turbines are found up to 180 meters below water level where the Shell greases used have been developed for lubrication in very wet conditions.

Grease in this environment must provide a low friction surface for smooth turbine operations and resist water wash-out caused by the high volume and velocity feed water coming down from the dam; from one of the smallest power stations (the Nieterana mini hydro at just 2.2 MW) up to the Gordon station at 432 MW capacity. The Nieterana mini hydro uses a horizontal Francis type turbine that consumes approximately 8.5 cubic metres of water per second. The Gordon Power Station is located 183 meters underground and is supplied with water from Lake Gordon through a 137 meter-high vertical shaft, connected to three Francis type turbines. The Gordon turbines consume approximately 83 cubic meters of water per second at full load, and have head pressure of up to 192 meters.

Gadus S2 V220AC (previously Alvania HD) is an extreme-pressure, red multipurpose grease for wet environments, used to lubricate bearings of the control systems of the turbine and water inlet gate valves. It is a grease relied on to provide good wear protection and bearing life for moderate- to high-speed bearings and it has outstanding mechanical stability in the presence of water. As part of the Shell Gadus range it also offers the reliability, long life-span and superior performance required for the latest generation of power equipment.

Amarpreet Singh at Shell Lubricants said: “Shell Gadus is the new unifying name for Shell greases, creating one of the largest global grease brands. The range of products has been developed to deliver value through enhanced wear protection, long grease life and increased system efficiency.”

Shell Gadus has also made it simpler for customers to compare product benefits and performance while taking into account other variables such as compatible thickeners, base oil viscosity, NLGI (National Lubricating Grease Institute) grade and any other special performance characteristics that make a grease suited for a specific or unique customer challenge. To aid the selection process, the range is based around key tiers, each offering increasing levels of performance and protection, including: Entry, Mainline, Premium and Advanced, which uses the latest synthetic, high-performance technology.

The re-design of the Shell Gadus range is aligned with a refresh of the entire range of Shell industrial lubricants and Shell Spirax transmission fluids. It involved removing products with overlapping applications — or whose technology had been replaced by more advanced formulas — and improving choice by adding speciality and synthetic products.

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