Ukraine seeks circuit breakers for five hydro plants

Ukraine utility OJSC UkrHydroEnergo seeks bids in two solicitations to supply circuit breakers for five hydroelectric projects. Bids are due September 12 and 19.

With World Bank funding, the government of the Ukraine is carrying out a hydropower rehabilitation program to improve operational stability and reliability of hydroelectric plants. Utility OJSC UkrHydroEnergo previously called for bids by August 7 to supply medium voltage boards for nine hydroelectric projects. (HNN 6/4/07)

In the first of two current solicitations, Bid No. UHE/T-GCB-06/07, UkrHydroEnergo seeks bids by 11 a.m. September 12 to supply generator circuit breakers for the 444-MW Kaniv, 361-MW Kyiv (or Kiev), and 661-MW Dnipro 2 hydropower projects. Equipment is to be delivered over five years.

In the second solicitation, Bid No. UHE/T-HVS-07/07, UkrHydroEnergo seeks bids by 11 a.m. September 19 to supply high-voltage circuit breakers for Kaniv, Dnipro 2, 686-MW Kremenchuk (or Kremenchug), and 702-MW Dnister. That equipment also is to be delivered over five years.

Bidding documents, in English, may be obtained for each solicitation from the address below for US$300 each. Payment is by direct deposit, in U.S. dollars, to Prominwestbank Shevchenka St. 12, Kyiv, Ukraine, SWIFT UPIBUAUX, Beneficiary: OSJC UkrHydroEnergo, Account No. 26009301330916/840, PIB Vyshgorod Naberezhna 8a MFO 321143 via any of the following corresponding accounts:
o Corresponding Account No. 890-0060-077, Bank of New York, New York, SWIFT BIC: IRVT US 3N;
o Corresponding Account No. 04-182-382, Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, New York, SWIFT BIC: BKTR US 33;
o Corresponding Account No. 949 8296 00, Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt Am Main, SWIFT BIC: DEUT DE FF;
o Corresponding Account No. 30112840600000000284, Savings Bank of the Russian Federation, Moscow, SWIFT BIC: SABR RU MM.
o For Ukraine residents, VAT UkrHydroEnergo, DPRO 20588716, MFO 321143, Filial Otdelenia, Vishgorod, Kiev Region, Account No. 26009301330916.

Payment also can be made directly to the OSJC UkrHydroEnergo cashier in the equivalent according to the National Bank of Ukraine exchange rate.

The documents will be delivered by express mail or special delivery.

For information, contact OJSC UkrHydroEnergo, Mrs. Zhanna Gutina, First Deputy Director, Economy and Investments Department, OSJC UkrHydroEnergo office 207, 07300 Vyshgorod, Kyiv Region, Ukraine; (380) 44-9658227; Fax: (380) 44-9622007; E-mail:

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