Voith and Snowy Hydro to create smart hydropower plant at 950-MW Murray station

Voith and Snowy Hydro have agreed to collaborate and create a smart hydropower plant at the 950-MW Murray 1 hydroelectric power station by installing acoustic sensing equipment to monitor and protect hydropower assets.

The Murray 1 plant is located New South Wales, Australia. It was officially opened in 1967 and contains 10 turbine-generator units. It is part of the 4,100-MW Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme. This scheme was completed in 1974 and consists of 16 major dams, seven power stations, two pumping stations, and 225 km of tunnels, pipelines and aqueducts.

The smart hydro plant project includes use of Voith’s OnCare.Acoustic system, IIoT platform OnCumulus data storage and Digital Health Assessments. Installation of the system commences in August 2020, with an anticipated six-month project duration.

Voith’s OnCare.Acoustic condition monitoring system helps to detect incidents by recording sound anomalies. Plant operators are informed about suspicious sounds, which are pre-classified in warnings and alarms to secure the reliability, availability and safety of hydropower plants 24/7, Voith says. OnCare.Acoustic is based on Voith’s IIoT platform OnCumulus. Its cloud-based data storage provides capabilities for sensor data collection, cloud data aggregation, complex analytics and real-time data visualization.

With Digital Health Assessments, Voith experts analyze the plant’s operation data at the OnPerformance.Lab (OPL) in Heidenheim, Germany. This enables condition-based decisions to optimize preventive maintenance measures and detect malfunctions before they occur. Using the OPL Interact communication platform, customers can communicate with OPL experts and gain advantage with interactive reporting of the power plant.

This project will evaluate the value of Voith’s digital solutions combination in one single power plant. “By classifying the events and allocating them to specific equipment, plant operators gain further insights into their hydropower plant, which increases the chance of identifying possible dangerous conditions ahead of other alarms,” says Dr. Thomas Mahnke, global product manager OnCare.Acoustic at Voith Hydro.

The Voith Group is a global technology company. The Group Division Voith Hydro is a full-line supplier and partner for equipping hydropower plants. Voith develops customized, long-term solutions and services for large and small hydro plants all over the world.


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