Belgium utility seeks hydro unit upgrades on Meuse River

Belgium utility SPE N.V. invites expressions of interest in two solicitations for the upgrade of hydropower production units on the Meuse River in southern Belgium. Responses are due April 21.

SPE operates seven hydroelectric projects totaling 65 MW. Six are on the Meuse River, Ivoz-Ramet, Monsin, Ampsin-Neuville, Andenne, Lixhe, and Grand-Malades. The seventh, Floriffoux, is on the Sambre River.

In one solicitation, SPE seeks design, delivery, assembly, and commissioning of hydropower units at SPE sites on the Meuse. It said the project is to include disassembly of existing units.

In the second solicitation, the utility seeks changes in existing civil structure and construction of new civil structure supporting new hydropower units at SPE sites on the Meuse.

Documents for both solicitations may be obtained from the address below. Expressions of interest to both, in English or French, are due April 21 to the address below.

For information, contact SPE N.V., Regentlaan 47 Boulevard du Regent, Attn.: Alex Van Coyghem, 1000 Brussels, Belgium; (32) 2-2137929; Fax: (32) 2-2185024; E-mail:

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