Bosnian Serbs seek partner to build 558-MW Upper Drina cascade

The government of the Bosnian Serb republic invites letters of interest to become a strategic partner in hydroelectric development of the Upper Drina River on the border of Bosnia and Herzgovina and Serbia. Responses are due July 28.

Republika Srpska, the government of the Bosnian Serb portion of Bosnia, previously identified the projects as 450-MW Buk Bijela, 55.5-MW Foca, 43.2-MW Paunci, and 10.04-MW Sutjeska. The republic’s utility, Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske (EPRS), had previously agreed with Serbia’s utility, Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS), to set up a joint venture to build the plants.

Republika Srpska’s Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining now invites letters of interest from firms seeking to be a strategic partner in the development.

A solicitation notice may be obtained from the Republika Srpska Internet site at

An information memorandum containing information necessary to draft a letter of interest may be obtained from the ministry at the address below or by e-mail for 2,000 euros (US$2,866) paid on foreign currency vault account No. 11000559023, Ministry of Finance, Trg Republike Srpske 1, Banja Luka, IBAN:BA 39 5517904801183851, Uni Credit Bank a.d. Banja Luka BLBABA 22, corresponding bank BKAUATWW (Bank Austria CA Vienna), with indication for Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining – organizational code: 1445001, type of account: 722511, fee for “Informational Memorandum.”

Letters of interest, in Serbian, are due by noon July 28 by hand delivery or registered mail to Vlada Republike Srpske, Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining, Trg Republike Srpske 1, Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, Bosnia i Hercegovina; E-mail:

Detailed information on the project, including basis information from pre-feasibility and feasibility studies may be obtained from Republika Srpska Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining: Milan Bastinac, (387) 51339581, Fax: (387) 339651, E-mail:; Slavica Bogdanovic, (387) 51339581, Fax: (387) 339651, E-mail:; Nenad Radovic, (387) 59277104, Fax: (387) 277194, E-mail:; Vladislav Vladicic, (387) 59277107, Fax: (387) 277137, E-mail:

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