Czech firm seeks bids to equip 4.2-MW Roudnice, build 180-kW Doudlevce

Hydro developer RenoEnergie a.s. seeks bids to equip the 4.2-MW Roudnice hydroelectric project on the Elbe River and to build the 180-kW Doudlevce project on the Radbuza River in the Czech Republic. Bids in separate solicitations are due June 30 and August 1.

RenoEnergie took bids in February to equip Doudlevce and the Klastersky project on the Otava River.

The developer seeks bids by June 30 to equip Roudnice, which is to have a head of 2.2 meters and flows of 225 cubic meters per second. The work is to require 19 months at a cost of between 130 million and 170 million koruny (US$7.6 million and US$10 million).

RenoEnergie also seeks bids by August 1 to construct the Doudlevce small hydro on the left bank of the Radbuza. The work is to require 10 months at a cost of between 15 million and 20 million koruny (US$885,523 and US$1.18 million).

Tender documents for each project may be obtained from the address below for 6,000 koruny (US$355).

Bids in Czech or English are due by 2 p.m. June 30 for Roudnice, and in Czech by 1 p.m. August 1 for Doudlevce.

For information, contact JUDr. Josef Rubas, RenoEnergie a.s., Na Lysine 1181/6, technicka kancelar, Solni 4, 301 00 Plzen 140 00 Praha 4 Czech Republic; (420) 377320213; E-mail:; Internet:

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