U.S. plans to seek governor bids for 6,809-MW Grand Coulee

The Bureau of Reclamation plans to seek bids for replacement of six governors and associated equipment in the Third Power Plant at the 6,809-MW Grand Coulee hydroelectric project. A solicitation is expected about Nov. 16, 2009.

BuRec recently awarded Gardner Zemke Co. a $26 million contract to replace six transformers at Grand Coulee on the Columbia River, about 90 miles west of Spokane, Wash. (HydroWorld 10/19/09) The agency also is taking bids until Nov. 10 to replace excitation systems of six generating units in the Third Power Plant. (HydroWorld 10/8/09)

In the latest pre-solicitation notice, BuRec said it plans to seek bids for removal and disposal of six electronic governors and associated equipment and the supply and installation of six digital electronic governors including controls, feedback devices, speed signal generators, main over speed switches, pilot valves, and associated equipment.

The pre-solicitation notice may be obtained from the Federal Business Opportunities Internet site, www.fbo.gov, by entering Solicitation No. R10PS10001 in the “Keyword/Solicitation #” box. Prospective contractors must register in the government’s Central Contractor Registration database, www.ccr.gov.

A solicitation is expected to be available about Nov. 16 on the Federal Business Opportunities Internet site. For information, contact Susie Kramer, Contracting Officer, Bureau of Reclamation, Pacific Northwest Regional Office, 1150 N. Curtis Road, Suite 100, Boise, ID 83706; (1) 208-378-5156; E-mail: skramer@pn.usbr.gov.

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U.S. plans to seek excitation replacement at 320-MW Fort Randall

The Corps of Engineers’ Omaha District plans to seek bids to replace excitation systems at the 320-MW Fort Randall hydroelectric project on the Missouri River in South Dakota. Bids are expected to be due about July 30, 2009.

The Corps said it plans to issue a request for quotes to remove and dispose of eight General Electric static voltage regulators, electrically isolate rotating DC exciters, and rework equipment pads for the eight 40-MW generators at Fort Randall power plant. (HydroWorld 8/24/06)

The contractor is to design, supply, install, test, and commission new fully digital static excitation systems, medium voltage connection to segregated phase bus to new power potential transformers, and low voltage DC connection to generator slip rings. New equipment is to be sized to future generator uprate of 60 MW.

The solicitation, No. W9128F09T0049, is to be available on the Federal Business Opportunities Internet site, www.fbo.gov, by entering the solicitation number in the “Quick Search” box. Bidders must register in the Central Contractor Registration database, www.ccr.gov, and the On-line Representations and Certification system, http://orca.bpn.gov.

For information, contact Rhonda Shick, Contract Specialist, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Omaha District, 1616 Capital Ave., Omaha, NE 68102-4901; (1) 402-995-2079; Fax: (1) 402-995-2488; E-mail: rhonda.shick@usace.army.mil.