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In today’s industrial segment, there are numerous companies which still practice preventive or corrective maintenance despite well-known disadvantages, such as the extra costs for repairs and prolonged production interruption periods. In addition, these factors lead to an almost irremediable decrease in productivity. However, there are better solutions. Predictive maintenance, which has long been proven and...
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Power plant engineers and technicians will find useful this downloadable hydro version from NEC’s well-known Engineer’s Notebooks series. Presented are 10 mini case studies of failures common to hydrogenerators, Find out how good maintinence practices can impact the health of your unit and prevent unexpected stator rewinds or damage to rotor components and more. This...
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Obermeyer’s adjustable speed pumped-storage hydropower design utilizes the concept of submerging a reversible pump turbine below tailwater, eliminating the need for an underground powerhouse.  This state-of-the-art design allows for more economical energy storage in the renewable energy market.    White Paper Sponsored by Obermeyer Hydro, Inc.