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Calibration of eddy current measurement systems is a long-standing problem that instrumentation experts are regularly facing. Calibration is necessary to compensate probe drift with different sensitivities and to validate the setup and the operation of the instruments. MC-monitoring provides software and hardware to facilitate the deployment, installation, and on-site calibration of smart proximity probes
Generators and Electrical Components

Power plant engineers and technicians will find useful this downloadable hydro version from NEC’s well-known Engineer’s Notebooks series. Presented are 10 mini case studies of failures common to hydrogenerators, Find out how good maintinence practices can impact the health of your unit and prevent unexpected stator rewinds or damage to rotor components and more. This...
Dams and Civil Structures

There remains a need for non-labor intensive, safe, and effective upstream and downstream transport of fish at medium and high head dams and hydroelectric projects. The proposed Obermeyer system combines pneumatically operated gates for diverting fish into a lifting (and lowering) system with a variable speed reversible pump-turbine that hydraulically transports a floating cage of...