Africa agencies seek hydro, electricity, renewables strategies

Several African agencies invite expressions of interest from consultants to help develop hydropower, renewable energy, and electricity sector strategies. Expressions of interest in several solicitations are due March 31, April 1, and April 4.

Kenya seeks feasibility of small renewables plants including hydro

Kenya’s Ministry of Energy invites expressions of interest from consultants to perform a technical and economic study for development of small-scale grid-connected power plants utilizing renewable energy including small hydro, wind, biomass, geothermal, biogas, solar, and municipal solid waste sources. Responses are due March 31.

The consultant, to the Kenya Electricity Expansion Project, also is to propose regulatory instruments and technical guidelines to integrate electricity from such small power producers into Kenya’s interconnected grid or isolated mini-grids. The energy ministry recruited consultants in 2007 to perform an environmental assessment of its energy sector recovery program, which includes hydro project refurbishment activity.

Expressions of interest and qualifications, one original and three copies in English, are due by 10 a.m. March 31 to Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Energy, Nyayo House, P.O. Box 30582-00100, Nairobi, Kenya; E-mail: Submissions are to be in a sealed envelope labeled “Expression of Interest – Technical and Economic Feasibility Study for Development of Small Scale Grid Connected Renewable Energy in Kenya.”

For information, contact Power Engineering Consultant, Ministry of Energy, Nyayo House, Room 21-09, P.O. Box 30582-00100, Nairobi, Kenya; 254-020-310112; E-mail:; Internet:

Pico-hydro, micro-hydro market study sought for Rwanda

Global Village Energy Partnership International (GVEP) invites expressions of interest from consultants to assess the potential commercial market for off-grid pico- and micro-hydropower plants of less than 50 kW in Rwanda. Responses are due April 1.

GVEP, a consultant to the World Bank, is a charity devoted to finding market-based solutions to energy poverty in developing countries. It seeks a consultant to evaluate demand, client requirements, supply options, and constraints in order to form a sector strategy for pico-hydro (up to 5 kW) and micro-hydro.

Rwanda recruited consultants in 2010 to advise a sustainable energy development project with several components including a small hydropower program.

Full terms of reference may be obtained from the address below. Expressions of interest and qualifications, in English, are due by 5 p.m., Kenya time, April 1, by e-mail to and A short-list of firms is to be invited to submit proposals.

For information, contact GVEP International, East Africa Regional Office, Attn.: David Disch, P.O. Box 76580-00508, Nairobi, Kenya; (254) 20-2714164; E-mail:; Internet:

Electric sector strategy sought for hydro-rich Southern Sudan

The World Bank seeks expressions of interest from consultants to draft an electricity sector strategy for the hydro-rich Southern Sudan, which is to become an independent country from Sudan in July. Responses are due April 4.

Southern Sudan, with a capital of Juba, has rich resource potential, particularly in hydropower, but has been adversely affected by civil war. Only 1 percent of the population has access to electricity.

The World Bank lists major hydropower sites under feasibility study in Southern Sudan, including 570-MW Bedden, 890-MW Fula, 410-MW Lakki, and 235-MW Shukoli. Additionally, detailed feasibility studies and design have been completed for eight small hydro projects ranging from 3 to 11 MW.

On behalf of the Southern Sudan Electricity Corp. and the Ministry of Energy and Mining, the World Bank seeks consultants to develop a strategy paper to attract investment for electricity sector growth. It would identify the sector’s status, resources, potentials, challenges, existing policy, and environmental and regulatory arrangements. It also would present a five-year program for development.

Expressions of interest and qualifications, in English, are to be submitted by April 4 via the World Bank Group’s eConsultant2 Internet site below. For information, see the eConsultant2 Internet site,, Bidding Opportunities, Selection No. 1031298.

African bank seeks energy sector strategy consultant

The African Development Bank (AfDB) invites expressions of interest from consultants to help the bank develop an energy strategy to ensure energy access and foster clean energy in African countries. Responses are due April 4.

A priority for the AfDB Energy, Environment, and Climate Change Department, the five-year-horizon energy strategy is to be completed by June. In 2008, AfDB launched a clean energy investment framework to maximize clean energy options through renewable energy, emphasize energy efficiency, and help African countries participate in carbon credit markets.

The current initiative seeks to ensure energy access and foster clean energy investments with a special emphasis on enabling regional energy trade. AfDB seeks to leverage resources, enable public-private partnerships, and tailor assistance to specific country and regional needs.

The bank seeks a consultant to assist in elaborating final strategy papers and summarizing a strategic vision.

Expressions of interest and qualifications are due to the address below on April 4. Requests for proposals and terms of reference will be sent to six shortlisted firms.

For information, contact ONEC Department, African Development Bank, Temporary Relocation Agency, 15 Avenue du Ghana, 1002 Tunis Belvedere, Tunisia; E-mail:,

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