African bank to fund rehab of 40-MW Massingir Dam

The African Development Fund (ADF) has approved a supplementary loan of 17 million Units of Account (US$25.58 million) for rehabilitation of 40-MW Massingir Dam and irrigation facilities in Mozambique.

ADF, the concessional window of the African Development Bank, said the rehabilitation project is to improve operational efficiency of the dam to a sustainable level and facilitate downstream irrigation to improve crop production.

Rehabilitation of Massingir is to include construction of an additional auxiliary spillway to ensure the dam’s safety, reinforcement of the foundation, and additional grouting and relief wells.

Other work includes construction and rehabilitation of irrigation canals, gates, and pump stations; land rehabilitation; road construction; and environmental and social mitigation.

An ADF loan of 55 million Units of Account (US82.7 million) was approved in 1993 for rehabilitation and completion of Massingir Dam and rehabilitation of an irrigation scheme downstream. Supplementary activities estimated to cost 18.8 million Units of Account (US$28.3 million) are expected to complete the project.

The ADF loan is to finance 90 percent of the total project costs, with the Mozambique government supplying the remainder.

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