Alstom commission’s last unit at China’s 6,400-MW Xiangjiaba hydropower plant

All four Alstom-producer units at China’s 6,400-MW Xiangjiaba hydropower plant are now in commercial operation, the manufacturer has reported.

Each of the generating units was designed and manufactured in Alstom’s factory in Tianjin, China, at a rate of one unit every two months. reported that the first unit went into commercial operation in November 2012, with more coming on line through this past month.

Each of Xiangjiaba’s four Francis turbines is coupled to an 889 MVA generator. Alstom said the generators are the only air-cooled generators in the world with 23kV windings.

“The successful delivery and commercial operation of the four units for the Xiangjiaba plant represent another important milestone to showcase Alstom’s contribution to China’s hydro power development,” Alstom Hydro China general manager Yves Rannou said.

Each of the turbine runners measures almost 10 meters in diameter and weigh over 400 tonnes, making them among the largest in the world, Alstom said.

China Three Gorges Corporation awarded the contract in 2008.

Xiangjiaba is located on the Jinshajiang River on the border between Tibin County and Shifu County in the Yunnan Province.

Construction of the US$6.3 billion plant began in November 2006. Once complete, it will be the third largest hydroelectric facility in China, after the 22,500-MW Three Gorges and 13,860-MW Xiluodu hydropower projects.

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