Alstom completes expansion of Grenoble hydro research site

Alstom Hydro has completed an upgrade and expansion of its hydro research complex in Grenoble.

Alstom (FR: ALO) said the Grenoble site houses 650 employees, with teams specializing in engineering, project management and manufacturing.

In addition to expanding Grenoble’s research capabilities, Alstom also created an industrial chair dedicated to hydraulic machines at the Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble. The chair is the first partnership of its kind in France specifically for hydropower, Alstom said, and is intended to help spur research and create new partnerships.

“Hydropower is experiencing a revolution,” said Maryse Francois-Xausa, Alstom’s Vice-President of Research and Development and Product Marketing. “It has a new role to play in the evolution of the world’s energy mix.

“Hydropower has a great potential for growth worldwide, and the development of our technological center in Grenoble is fully in line with those targets.”

The Grenoble site “carries out all hydropower research and development,” the company said, while similar facilities spread across the globe offer more specialized research and services.

Alstom also has global technology centers in Birr, Switzerland; Sorel-Tracy, Canada; Vadodara, India; Taubate, Brazil; and Tianjin, China.

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