American Governor awarded contract for McNary hydropower plant equipment rehab

American Governor Co. has been awarded a contract from Olsson Industrial Electric for rehabilitation work at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ 980-MW McNary hydropower project.

The subcontract is part of an ongoing repair project at McNary, which is located on the Columbia River on the border of Oregon and Washington.

The primary goal of the project includes the rewinding the plant’s motors to match the new station service voltage of 480 VAC, while American Governor’s subcontract includes the overhaul and modification of 35 governor oil pumps. The company’s training and repair facility in Amherst, Wisc., will also overhaul 27 Woodward XX Herringbone gear pumps and add solenoid-operated unloader kits to improve the operation of the pumps.

The Pennsylvania-based company said each of the gear pumps will be disassembled, cleaned and inspected, with pump and motor bearings replaced and new gaskets, seals and O-rings to be installed.

Each pump’s gears will also be inspected and dressed as-needed, and the 4160 VAC motors will be completely disassembled, tested and modified and rewound for 480 VAC operation before being tested on American Governor’s new full-flow pump test stand.

“American Governor will work diligently and coordinate closely with Olsson Industrial Electric, the project’s prime contractor, to ensure that the governor oil pumps are removed, repaired, rewound, and returned on a timely basis so as not to delay the progress of this massive station service rehab project,” the company said in a release. reported that American Governor had been honored by SmartCEO magazine as a recipient of its 2014 Circle of Excellence Award in Manufacturing this past December.

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