Argentina looking to expand small hydroelectric capacity by up to 20 MW

A program unveiled this week by Argentine President Mauricio Macri could see the addition of 20 MW of small hydroelectric power capacity added to the South American country’s grid.

The plan, called RenovAr, seeks to lower Argentina‘s greenhouse gas emissions by increasing its portion of renewable generating assets to 20% of the country’s total power supply by 2025.

RenovAr will add about 1 GW of new renewable capacity through a tendering process, with wind making up the bulk with 600 MW planned, and solar (300 MW), biomass (65 MW), small hydro (20 MW) and biogas (15 MW) trailing.

Argentine regulator Compania Administradora del Mercado Mayorista Electrico (CAMMESA) will oversee implementation of the plan, with investments expected to total US$2 billion.

Further terms of the tender can be found from CAMMESA here.

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