Armenia names consultants for hydro, renewables program

The government of Armenia has named Armenian consultants to participate in hydropower and other renewable energy development under a World Bank-funded renewable energy program.

The bank’s International Development Association (IDA) approved a credit of US$5 million and its Global Environment Facility (GEF) approved a grant of US$3 million to Armenia to carry out the program. (HNN 7/10/06) Earlier this year, Armenia recruited consultants to perform a feasibility study of the 70-MW Shnogh hydroelectric project. (HNN 1/28/08)

The Armenia Renewable Energy Project awarded a US$2,400 contract to Tigran Parvanyan to study development of renewable energy in Armenia including lessons learned, determination of barriers, and outlining of ways to overcome barriers, particularly to small hydropower and wind generation. The work is to require two months.

The project awarded an US$82,383 contract to Hayhidroenergonakhagits CJSCo-Entech LLC JV for assessment of hydropower potential for peak power production for Armenia and the region. Over six months, the consultants are to assess the necessity of building a hydro plant and reservoir, taking into account the development prospective of power networks and energy stations in Armenia and the region.

Other awards included:
o Gayane Bakhchisaraytseva, US$11,965, assist Ministry of Energy in operation and management of a renewable energy Internet site, six months;
o Georisk CJSC, US$87,776, develop a geographic information system (GIS), three months;
o Nona Mirzoyan, US$3,333, ensure operation of GIS to assist in preparation of renewable energy projects and to attract investors, six months;
o Sevak Amalyan, US$10,000, assist in preparation of renewable energy business plans, 12 months;
o Entech LLC, US$47,879, assistance to dispatching and control to increase renewable energy integration, eight months;
o Rafik Mirijanyan, US$1,500, determination of high-potential geothermal sites, one month; and
o Expomedia LLC, US$49,307, organization of Renewable Energy Week in Armenia, two months.

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