Asian bank seeks rehab plan for Papua New Guinea’s 66.2-MW Rouna cascade

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) invites expressions of interest in preparation of a cascade management plan including refurbishment or expansion of the five-plant 66.2-MW Rouna hydroelectric cascade in Papua New Guinea. Responses are due October 4.

The Rouna cascade, on the Laloki River, includes 3.5-MW Rouna 1, 36-MW Rouna 2, 12-MW Rouna 3, 13.2-MW Rouna 4, and 1.5-MW Sirinumu.

ADB seeks an international team of hydropower specialists to develop a cascade management plan to minimize water waste and maximize hydropower from existing Rouna cascade plants. Work proposed for the cascade includes installation of monitoring equipment, development of inflow forecasting and generation planning models, a feasibility study of rehabilitation or expansion of Rouna 3 and 4 and Sirinumu, dam safety and sedimentation evaluations, and a catchment condition assessment.

With a budget of US$750,000, the work is expected to require 19 person-months of international consultants and six person-months of domestic consultants.

A solicitation notice, including terms of reference, may be obtained from the ADB Internet site,, under the links “Businesses,” “Consultant Management System,” “Click here to view the list of advertisements of consulting opportunities,” “Energy,” “TA-7329.”

Expressions of interest are to be submitted via the ADB website by October 4. For information, contact Anthony Maxwell, Senior Energy Specialist, Asian Development Bank, E-mail:

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