Austrian, German firms to equip Sweden’s 7-MW Lernbo

Swedish generator Vasterbergslagens Kraft AB (VB Kraft) has named a consortium of Kossler of Austria and Lloyd Dynamowerke of Germany to supply turbine-generator equipment for refurbishment of the 7-MW Lernbo hydroelectric project near Ludvika.

Under a US$6 million contract, the firms are to supply two 3.5-MW Kaplan turbines with direct-coupled synchronous generators of 428 rpm and 10.5 kilovolts. The equipment is to be designed to enable local �islanding� during rare regional grid outages. (HNN 5/14/07)

VB Kraft said it would invest US$13 million on the 1899 station to replace equipment from 1912 and 1944, install new systems for control and machine cooling, and perform necessary civil work. Construction is to begin in March 2009, with recommissioning in October 2009.

Lernbo is to produce 28 gigawatt-hours annually due to enhanced efficiency, compared to previous generation of 23 GWh. The refurbished plant is to receive �green certificates� for 15 years of production that will help pay for the investment.

The new equipment is to have environmentally friendly features, VB Kraft said. Additionally, reservoir levels and discharge will remain the same as stipulated in its previous permit. Lernbo will be run in peaking mode to meet demand.

Kossler and Lloyd Dynamowerke previously received a contract to supply a Kaplan unit to the 3.7-MW Ludvika project, which is undergoing recommissioning. (HNN 1/22/07)

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