B&H International to provide bearing heat exchanger plates for 980-MW McNary Dam

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has granted a contract to B&H Internatinoal to provide bearing heat exchanger replacement plates for the 980-MW McNary Dam on the Columbia River.

The Corps most recently solicited for bids on December 4, 2013.

Based in Bakersfield, Calif., B&H International was granted the small business contract worth US $43,000 on December 20th and will supply 500 regular plates and four unpunched seal plates to repair four damaged heat exchanger assemblies on main Unit 2 at McNary.

The Corps’ Walla Walla District also sought bids in December for spare draft tube stoplogs for McNary. It took bids in November to supply vertical barrier screen mesh panels for the project. Seals Unlimited Inc. recently won a contractto supply stoplog seal assemblies.

Details of the contract are available here.

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