Bank considers funding Vietnam’s 156-MW Song Bung 4

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is considering a proposal to provide US$196.5 million in funding for construction of the 156-MW Song Bung 4 hydroelectric project on the Bung River in Vietnam’s Quang Nam Province.

In April, ADB released an environmental impact assessment and a resettlement planning document prepared for the project by Sweco International AB of Sweden under an earlier ADB contract.

The US$254 million project would include a dam on the Bung River, a tributary of the Vu Gia River; a headrace tunnel; underground penstock; and a power station about five kilometers downstream from the dam. Preliminary construction is expected to begin in early 2008, followed by main construction in early 2009 and commissioning in the second half of 2012.

ADB has completed pre-appraisal of the project. If it is funded, the project’s goods and services would be procured under ADB guidelines.

The bank said major civil works would be divided into four packages: dam and spillway, waterway and power station, transmission line, and highway realignment. Contractors would be pre-qualified for the first two packages. Equipment would be divided into two packages, electro-mechanical and hydro-mechanical.

About 121 person-months of international consultants and 1,189 person-months of national consultants would be required for tender preparation and evaluation, contract negotiation, construction supervision, and social and environmental monitoring.

The ADB project officer is Pradeep Perera, Infrastructure Division, SERD, Asian Development Bank, P.O. Box 789, 0980 Manila, Philippines; (63) 2-6326571; E-mail:; Internet:

For information, contact Vice President Tran Van Duoc, Electricity of Vietnam, 18 Tran Nguyen Han, Hanoi, Vietnam; Fax: (84) 4-2201364.


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