BC Hydro seeks engineer for 126-MW John Hart hydropower plant replacement

Canadian utility BC Hydro seeks an independent engineer to oversee the replacement of the 126-MW John Hart hydropower plant on behalf of the British Columbia government. Proposals are due May 1.

The B.C. Utilities Commission approved in February plans to replace the 65-year-old hydroelectric project on the Campbell River and to increase its installed capacity to 138 MW. An annual dam safety report for British Columbia found five dam incidents in 2011 that required action, including one at John Hart Dam.

The John Hart upgrade and renovation project seeks to address safety, reliability, and environmental issues. The US$984 million to US$1.18 billion project includes a new replacement intake at the John Hart Spillway Dam, replacement of a 2.1-kilometer tunnel with three 1.8-kilometer pipelines, the construction of a replacement power plant next to the existing one, and building of a new water bypass.

BC Hydro seeks proposals for services of an independent engineer that will be retained by the utility but will act on behalf of the B.C. Ministry of Environment for about 4.5 years. The engineer is to provide high-level oversight and reporting on design, construction, testing, and environmental monitoring. The engineer also is to issue recommendations on the issuance of a government leave to commence construction and any additional permissions required for the project.

A solicitation notice may be obtained from British Columbia’s BC Bid Internet site, www.bcbid.gov.bc.ca. Click on Browse, then Browse Using Advanced Search, Document Number 1512.

Bids may be submitted via the BC Bid site until 11 a.m., Pacific time, May 1. For information, contact Purchasing Department, Quotations, BC Hydro and Power Authority, Bid Station (courier desk/main floor), 333 Dunsmuir St., Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 5R3 Canada; (1) 604-623-4346; E-mail: bidstation@bchydro.com; Internet: www.bcbid.gov.bc.ca, www.bchydro.com.

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