BC Hydro seeks to upgrade powerhouse cranes at 2,480-MW Revelstoke hydro project

Canadian utility BC Hydro seeks bids to upgrade two powerhouse cranes at the 2,480-MW Revelstoke hydroelectric project on the Columbia River in British Columbia. A site visit is set Jan. 15, with bids due Feb. 14.

Revelstoke’s total installed capacity was increased to 2,480 MW by the installation of a fifth 500-MW turbine-generator. In 2009, a 188-ton turbine ordered by BC Hydro completed its 7,450-mile trek from Brazil to Revelstoke Dam. BC Hydro utilized incentives for early delivery of key installation components and a site cooperation agreement to advance the project expansion. The utility has plans to add a sixth unit by 2020.

BC Hydro now seeks proposals two upgrade two powerhouse cranes at Revelstoke to meet specifications that form part of its RFP No. 1725. A mandatory site visit is scheduled Jan. 15.

A solicitation notice may be obtained from British Columbia’s BC Bid Internet site, www.bcbid.gov.bc.ca. Click on Browse, then Browse Using the Advanced Search, Document Number 1725.

Bids may be submitted via the BC Bid site until 11 a.m., Pacific time, Feb. 14. For information, contact Purchasing Department, Quotations, BC Hydro and Power Authority, Bid Station (courier desk/main floor), 333 Dunsmuir St., Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 5R3 Canada; (1) 604-623-4346; E-mail: bidstation@bchydro.com; Internet: www.bcbid.gov.bc.ca, www.bchydro.com.

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