Belgium region names Siemens for waterways, hydro system management

The integrated hydrologic management agency of Belgium’s Wallonia Region has awarded a contract to Siemens SA to provide and maintain operational tools to manage flows of waterways and the hydropower system in the region.

Bids for the work were requested last year by RW-SPW-DGO2-DGHI – Direction de la Gestion Hydrologique Integree of Wallonia, the French-speaking southern region of Belgium containing the Meuse and Sambre River basins. Among hydro projects on the Meuse are 9.15-MW Andenne, 22-MW Lixhe, 9.9-MW Ivoz-Ramet, 18-MW Monsin, 10-MW Ampsin-Neuville, and 5-MW Grand-Malades, while the 800-kW Floriffoux project is on the Sambre River.

The contract, valued at 1.09 million euros (US$1.4 million), calls for Siemens to maintain operational tools for managing flows of waterways in Wallonia including mathematical models for predicting flow rates, hydraulic generation models of water levels at dams, real-time monitoring of meteorological data, and automated control of dams, reservoirs, pumping stations, and hydroelectric projects.

Wallonia’s technical studies management agency, RW-SPW-DGO2-DET – Direction des Etudes Techniques of Wallonia, seeks bids in September for electro-mechanical equipment for a hydropower plant at Kain Dam and Lock in Belgium.

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