Belgium region seeks hydropower equipment for Kain Dam and Lock

The technical studies management agency of Belgium’s Wallonia Region seeks bids for electro-mechanical equipment for a hydropower plant at Kain Dam and Lock in Belgium. Bids are due September 4.

Bids are sought by RW-SPW-DGO2-DET — Direction des Etudes Techniques of Wallonia (DET), the French-speaking southern region of Belgium. Wallonia’s integrated hydrologic management agency, RW-SPW-DGO2-DGHI — Direction de la Gestion Hydrologique Integree, took bids last year to provide and maintain operational tools to manage flows of waterways and the hydropower system in the region. A Wallonia regional water agency took bids in 2007 to refurbish the 880-kW Nisramont hydro project.

DET now seeks bids to supply and install electro-mechanical equipment of a new dam and hydroelectric plant at Kain Dam and Lock, whose infrastructure is being built under a separate civil engineering contract to reconstruct the project on the Escaut (Scheldt) River. Equipment is to include three hydrodynamic (Archimedes) screws to act as hydro turbines, valves, transformer station, low-voltage main switchboard, programmable logic control system, wiring and lighting. The work is expected to require 36 months.

The Kain control station is to be modified to allow remote control from the Kain project of Herinnes Dam and Lock, 11 kilometers downstream, which also is to be refurbished and hydropower added. DET said it might negotiate with the winning bidder to supply and install similar electro-mechanical equipment at Herinnes.

Tender documents may be obtained from Wallonia’s procurement Internet site,, or from RW-SPW-SG-DSJ — Direction du Support Juridique-mise en Ligne des Cahiers de Charges, Place de Wallonie, 1 bat. II, local 108, Contact: Louis Philippe Derock, Attn.: Etienne Claeys, 5100 Jambes, Belgium; (32) 81333159; Fax: (32) 81333133; E-mail:

Bids, in French, are due by 11 a.m. September 4 to the address below. For information, contact RW-SPW-DGO2-DET — Direction des Etudes Techniques of Wallonia, Boulevard du Nord 8, Attn.: Albert Plumier, Directeur, 5000 Namur, Belgium; (32) 81773455; Fax: (32) 81773900; E-mail:

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